Gr@v Seminar - CP Violation and Invisible Higgs Decays at the LHC - 5 maio 2016



CP Violation and Invisible Higgs Decays at the LHC

Jorge Romão



Abstract / Resumo

We consider models with an extended Higgs sector and look for signals at the LHC. By looking at a combination of three decays, involving the 125 GeV Higgs boson, the Z boson and at least one more scalar, an indisputable signal of CP-violation arises.  We use a complex two-Higgs doublet model as a reference model and present some benchmark points that have passed all current experimental and theoretical constraints, and that have cross sections large enough to be probed at LHC during run 2.


Neutrino mass generation through the Higgs mechanism provides a new theoretically consistent and experimentally viable paradigm. We illustrate this by describing the main features of the electroweak symmetry breaking sector of the simplest type-II seesaw model with spontaneous breaking of lepton number. We perform an analysis of the sensitivities of Higgs boson searches at the ongoing ATLAS and CMS experiments at the LHC, including not only the new contributions to the decay channels present in the Standard Model (SM) but also genuinely non-SM Higgs boson decays, such as invisible Higgs boson decays to majorons. We find sensitivities that are likely to be reached soon at LHC


5 de maio de 2016 | 14:30


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GAP room
Physics Department Aveiro University
Campus de Santiago
3810-183 Aveiro, Portugal