Ph.D offer in Dynamics of ExoPlanets



Ph.D offer in Dynamics of ExoPlanets

The Physics Department of the University of Aveiro, Portugal, invites applications for a PhD position in "Dynamics of extrasolar planets" under the FCT program. Applicants must be European Union citizens. They should have a relevant academic or scientific CV in Maths, Physics or Astronomy, in particular they must have concluded a graduation degree (licence or master).



The successful applicant is expected to do research in the formation, evolution and stability of extra-solar multi-planet systems. These systems represent simultaneously new challenges for celestial mechanics, general relativity, and also excellent tests to the formation theories of planetary systems. Multi-planet systems are also important because we think they are the best candidates to host Earth-like planets. The main goal is to cover both theory and observations with particular attention to the dynamics of multi-body configurations and diversity of their dynamical environments. The research will involve the use of computer simulations and theoretical analysis to detect and characterize the planetary systems around the neighboring stars. A strong background in maths and physics is required and computational experience is a plus. 


Contacts and further information:

Alexandre Correia |

University of Aveiro |

FCT PhD Program | 


The closing date for applications is 1 September 2013.