Deadline for registration 5th Iberian Meeting on asteroseismology: April 8, 2012


                             Second Announcement
   Synergies between exoplanet studies and seismology of their host stars
                               May 8-10, 2012
                      San Miguel de Abona, Tenerife

Dear colleagues,

           **** The deadline for registration is April 8, 2012 ****

This is a reminder that the registration for the 5th Iberian Meeting on
Asteroseismology,   "Synergies between exoplanet studies and seismology of
their host stars" will be open until April 8, 2012. After this date, the hotel
does not assure a room at the agreed reduced price.

You can find more information and instructions on our dedicated website:

Note that the registration consists of two parts:
1. Make a hotel reservation by contacting the hotel directly, following
instructions at
2. Fill out the registration form on  and indicate if you
wish to give a presentation. Note that all attending PhD students are
encouraged and supposed to present their work in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are looking forward to see you on Tenerife!


Scientific Rationale

Since the successful operation of asteroseismic space missions, such as CoRoT
and Kepler, the field of asteroseismology has developed strongly. The space
data is providing a breakthrough for some areas of investigation, and is
creating new challenges for others. It has become clear that a seismic study
requires a close collaboration between observers, analysts, modelers, and
theoreticians, and goes hand in hand with combining information from space and
ground-based data. Moreover, the link between asteroseismologists and exoplanet
researchers is becoming tighter.

The Iberian astrophysical community includes experts in different aspects of
seismic and exoplanetary studies. It is a very active community in the
development and organization of new space and ground-based projects (such as
PlanetVision, CARMENES, SONG, ESPRESSO, PLATO,...), and the analysis, modelling
and theoretical interpretation of ground-based and space data for planets and
different types of pulsators.

In the fifth edition of the Iberian Meeting on Asteroseismology we will focus
on "Synergies between exoplanet studies and seismology of their host stars" and
invite the Iberian exoplanetary community to join the asteroseismologists to
exchange ideas and work out synergies between the study of planets and their
host star. Moreover, we aim at assessing the progress of inter-institutional
projects, intensively work on SONG, CoRoT, Kepler, PlanetVision, PLATO,
CARMENES, and ESPRESSO related projects, and stimulate new projects and
collaborations. We intend to discuss spectroscopic and photometric ground-based
observations, the development of new instrumentation on the ground and in
space, the implementation of analysis tools, and stellar/planetary modelling.

The meeting will consist of a few presentations to present the current status
of ongoing scientific activities and to introduce new projects. All attending
PhD students are encouraged and requisted to present their research work. The
majority of the time will be devoted to the actual workshop, where the
participants work together in little groups on specific projects. *** The
scientific program will be defined by the actual participants ***. Possible
discussion groups and topics are:

1. Synergies between the study of planets and seismology of their host star

* Seismic characterization of planet-hosting stars
* Influences from the signal of the host star (oscillations, granulation,
activity) on the signal of the planet
* Evolution of star-planet systems
* PlanetVision: description and work packages
* The future of Plato

2. New ground-based instrumentation

* SONG: status and possible iberian projects
* CARMENES: status
* ESPRESSO: status

3. Data analysis and data analysis tools

* Analysis of photometric space data
* Ground-based and space-based characterization of A-F stars
* Solar-like oscillators observed by CoRoT and Kepler
* Pulsations in compact pulsators
* Atmospheric stellar parameters
* VO tools for asteroseismology

4. Seismic and planetary models
* Comparison between different models

Katrien Uytterhoeven (IAC, Chair)
Roi Alonso (IAC)
Pedro Amado (IAA CSIC)
Juan Fabregat (VIU)
Rafa A. Garcia (CEA Saclay)
Rafa Garrido (IAA CSIC)
Mario Monteiro (CAUP)
Pere Palle (IAC)
Cristina Rodriguez-Lopez (IAA CSIC)
Nuno C. Santos (CAUP)
Juan Carlos Suarez (IAA CSIC)
Ana Ulla Miguel (Uni Vigo)

Katrien Uytterhoeven, Pere Palle, Clara Regulo

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