CENTRA Seminar - n-DBI Gravity - 18 abril 2013



n-DBI Gravity

Flávio Coelho

U. Aveiro


Abstract / Resumo 

In this seminar I will present a model of gravity which breaks Lorentz invariance by the introduction of an everywhere time-like vector field, and was motivated by the Dirac-Born-Infeld type conformal scalar theory it yields for a conformally flat Universe. Besides its cosmological solutions, I will discuss exact black hole solutions, the post-Newtonian expansion and the dynamics of the scalar mode, both in Minkwoski and FRW backgrounds. Along the way we will also see how it compares (and departs from) General Relativity and other Lorentz violating theories like Horava-Lifshitz, whilst avoiding the pathologies associated with this kind of scalar mode.


18 de abril de 2013 | 14:30

Meeting room on the 2nd floor of the Physics Department building


CENTRA Seminars

Link to the recorded seminar.