The World of Clusters, Padova, Italy, 23-26 September 2013



The World of Clusters

GREAT-ESF Workshop, Padova, Italy, 23-26 September 2013


Padova Astronomical Observatory and University, under the auspices of the GREAT-ESF (Gaia Research for European Astronomy Training), organizes the international workshop  "The World of  Clusters" to be held at the Padova Astronomical Observatory, Italy, from 23-26 September 2013.


The Workshop will focus on intermediate age and old clusters as key objects to understand stellar evolution and as valuable tracers of the Galactic stellar component, of the Galaxy formation and evolution, in the framework of  Gaia, and the large spectroscopic  and photometric surveys. These high quality data will allow gathering a better understanding of the  formation and evolution of the individual clusters, and of the evolution of the stars in the clusters.

The workshop will bring together scientists working on stellar populations, observers and theoreticians to review the current status of knowledge, to discuss available tools and models, and to suggest possible improvements and synergies to  derive a  coherent picture of the formation and evolution of clusters in our and in external galaxies.


The meeting is organized in morning and afternoon sessions from  September 23th to 25th 2013. The last morning of the meeting, on Sept. 26th  will be devoted to a special session on Scientific Communication for young researchers.


Please, visit the workshop web page for information and registration.

The deadline for registration is *July 15th 2013*, but since the attendance is limited to a maximum number of 50 participants, an early registration is highly recommended.

We do have some limited funding to support the meeting, and thus there will be no registration fee. In addition, partial financial support the meeting, and thus there will be no registration fee. In addition, partial financial support is offered to a limited number of participants. To apply for that, please send an email to: by June 15th 2013.


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Registration Deadline: July 15, 2013