SKA PT Industry Consortia - RfP Process & Opportunities



SKA PT Industry Consortia - RfP Process & Opportunities 

FCT (Library)

SKA day – 2nd May
Guests: Patricia Vogel – NWO / SKA Agencies, Jan-Geralt bij de Vaate – ASTRON



09h00:09h10 – Research Infrastructures & Information Society

Ricardo Migueis/Ana Neves (FCT) (TBC)

09h20:09h40 – The SKA Request for proposals

Kobus Kloete/Phil Crosby (SKA project manager; & Industry Officer) videoconf)

10h00 – Presentations of PT Consortia interests: Signal Transport & Timing ,

Aperture Arrays-Mid, Telescope Manager, Infrastructure & Power, Dishes

Richard Schillizi (SKA UK Consortium, U. Manchester; videoconf)


Discussion with the Industry present: Active Space Tech, Critical Software/Materials, Coriant/Nokia Siemens Networks, Efacec, Logica EM, Martifer Solar, MOTOFIL Robotics , Visabeira.

12h30 - AERAP and H2020 cooperation (ICT, Energy, Suport to Global Projects), Daan du Toit, Minister Counselor South Africa (DST South Africa) (videoconf)


14h00:14h30 – AA MID, Jan-Geralt bij de Vaate (ASTRON)


14h30 – Splinter meetings with Industry & WG :

(To be followed in Aveiro for detailed discussions).


15h30 – End of meeting

Organização: IT, CICGE-UP