PlasmaSurf - 2013 Summer School on Plasma Physics, Oeiras, Portugal, 7- 13 July, 2013



PlasmaSurf - 2013 Summer School on Plasma Physics


Location: Pousada de Juventude (Hostel) Catalazete, Oeiras, Portugal | 7 - 13 July, 2013.


Programme description:

The course covers the basic aspects of plasma physics, high power lasers and nuclear fusion. It is an introduction to plasma physics at a master level (2nd cycle) targeted at physics or engineering students who have already completed a Bologna First Cycle and are engaged in a 2nd cycle master, in a total of 200 ECTS already granted in their courses, and are looking for an interesting subject for their PhD thesis.

Lectures will be offered in self-contained modules, mornings from Monday to Friday. Post-lunch activities cover pratical lectures on remote laboratories, data analysis and computer science. Late afternoons are focused on keep-together and coaching activities, some of them involving lecturers.

Major topics to be covered include:

  • Introduction to plasma physics 
  • Magnetic and inertial nuclear fusion
  • Kinetic and magneto-hydrodynamic description of a plasma
  • Large international experiments involving plasma science
  • Plasmas on earth and in deep space

The course will include a tour of the ISTTOK tokamak and the Laboratory for Intense Lasers.

One major goal of the course is to promote a lively interaction among students and lecturers between the sessions, visits and during lunch time.

Lectures will be presented in English.

Mrs Carmo Nunes | Phone: (+351) 218 417 818 |