CAAUL Seminar - Stars as cosmological tools: from dark matter to modified gravity - 29 novembro 2012



Jordi Casanellas



The present accuracy in the modelling and observations of the Sun and other stars allows us to use them as laboratories of physics. In this talk I will first discuss how the capture of dark matter particles by low-mass stars influences the stellar properties, focusing on two strategies to detect these effects: the analysis of the stellar oscillations and the changes in the global appearance of a whole stellar cluster. Remarkably, a region of the DM parameter space was excluded using an asteroseismic analysis of Alpha Cen B. To conclude, I will show how a similar approach was successfully applied to put constraints on alternative theories of gravity, using the solar neutrinos and helioseismic data.

29 de novembro de 2012 | 14:30


Tapada da Ajuda, OAL Edifício Leste, 2º Piso

1349-018 Lisboa