Gr@v Seminar - Enhanced AdS Horizons - 26 novembro 2012



Enhanced AdS Horizons

Jai Grover

Universidade de Aveiro


Abstract / Resumo

We shall be investigating whether there is near-horizon supersymmetry enhancement in supersymmetric black hole solutions to minimal gauged supergravity in five dimensions; as all known black holes of the gauged theory exhibit supersymmetry enhancement from $1/4$ to $1/2$ in the near horizon limit, it is natural to investigate if this is generic. A further motivation is that one can demonstrate, assuming supersymmetry enhancement, the existence of two commuting rotational isometries of the full solution. It is known that under this latter condition there are no asymptotically AdS supersymmetric black ring solutions with regular horizons.


26 de novembro de 2012 | 14:30



GAP Room
Physics Department Aveiro University
Campus de Santiago
3810-183 Aveiro, Portugal