CGUC Seminar - Research Activities in the Slovak Central Observatory in Hurbanovo, Slovakia - 16 novembro 2012



Research Activities in the Slovak Central Observatory in Hurbanovo, Slovakia


Ivan Dorotovic

Slovak Central Observatory



Slovak Central Observatory in Hurbanovo was founded in 1871 by Nicholas Konkoly-Thege. Solar observations were (and still are) the main scientific programme of the Astronomical Observatory in O'Gyalla (now called Hurbanovo). Solar and space weather research activities comprise observation of sunspots (since 1872), flares, and prominences, solar corona during total solar eclipses, solar spectrum by using a horizontal solar telescope with spectrograph. We installed also SID monitor for registration of solar flares and solar radio spectrometer CALLISTO (both instrument in the frame of ISWI (International Space Weather Initiative). We work in close and very fruitful collaboration with many scientific institutions in the world including OAUC in Coimbra and UNINOVA in Lisbon. We investigate evolution of various indices during solar activity cycles (north-south asymmetry of the solar activity derived from the OAUC spectroheliograms, CME statistics, cosmic radiation and Forbush decrease events, differential rotation of coronal bright points, influence of solar activity on tree growth, etc.). We introduced a so called Modified Corona  Index (MCI) based on satellite EUV measurements as an index of total energy emitted by the solar corona. We organise national solar physics meetings with participation from abroad where results of solar, geophysical and space weather research are presented.


16 de novembro de 2012 | 10:00



Auditório do Observatório Astronómico da U.C. (Santa Clara, Coimbra)