V Black Holes Workshop 2012, 17-18 December 2012, Lisbon, Portugal



V Black Holes Workshop 2012

17-18 December, 2012 | Lisbon (Portugal)

From astrophysics to high-energy physics, from information theory to quantum gravity, black holes have acquired an ever increasing role in fundamental physics, and are now part of the terminology of many important branches of observational, theoretical and mathematical physics. This workshop aims at bringing together experts on all aspects of black holes.

The fifth edition of the Black Holes Workshop will be held at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in Lisbon, from 17-18 December 2012. The deadline for registration and abstract submission is October 15. As in previous editions, there is no registration fee.


Organizing Committee: Vitor Cardoso, Antonino Flachi, José Lemos, Andrea Nerozzi, Paolo Pani, Jorge Rocha.

Scientific Committee: Vitor Cardoso, Carlos Herdeiro, José Lemos, Filipe Moura.

Workshop Webpage: http://blackholes.ist.utl.pt/blackholes5/