Call for Astrophysics PhD Courses at SISSA



Call for Astrophysics PhD Courses at SISSA


SISSA is looking for highly motivated students to join PhD courses and Research in Astrophysics. We are now in the process of recruiting the class of students who will commence their studies in the fall of 2012.

SISSA conducts top level Research on an international context, see and PhD students are trained from students to junior scientists with Lectures (first 6 months of the PhD course) followed by research work, participation to international collaborations, conferences, observational projects. The students are selected yearly by means of an entrance examination held in Trieste. At the end of a three- or four-year course of study and research, students are admitted to the final examination to obtain the Ph.D. degree, equivalent to the Italian "Dottore di ricerca".


Here are the relevant infos for the present call in 2012

Link for the application: (look for the announcement regarding "astrophysics").

Deadline: August 30th, 2012.