CAAUL Seminario - Anisotropic Dark Energy - 28 de Maio de 2012


Tomi S. Koivisto

Insitut for Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Oslo


The paramount characteristic of dark energy is its negative pressure. If this pressure varies with the direction, new observational signatures are expected. Three categories of such models are discussed in the talk:

I) Dark energy is an imperfect fluid and has shear viscosity, however without violating the statistical isotropy of the background.

II) The dark energy stresses break the isotropy of the FRLW background: this case is stringently constrained by the CMB data.


III) The imperfect dark energy field is in the shear-free configuration. Then the anisotropy is not seen in the CMB, but still appears in the distance measurements.


28 de maio de 2012 | 15:00

Tapada da Ajuda, OAL Edificio Leste,  2º Piso
1349-018 Lisboa