CENTRA Seminar - Sending lasers to space. What could go wrong? - 30 abril 2018



Sending lasers to space. What could go wrong?

Bruno Couto



Abstract / Resumo 

Even from its early days, the use of laser technology in space has been envisaged by several space agencies. Laser radiation has unique properties which enable specific applications and may replace older technology with a beneficial outcome. In space, lasers can be applied to Earth Observation, distance measurement, gravitational wave detection and free-space optical communications, among others. However, sending a laser to space presents a series of hazards at system and individual component level. This seminar will briefly review what lasers can be used for in space as well as the environmental constraints of this environment and what can be done about it. The CENTRA-SIM laser development activities for space applications will also be presented.
Astro-technology seminar
30 de abril de 2018 | 14:30


FCUL, building C8, room 8.2.11

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