CAAUL Seminars - GPGPU Cosmological N-Body PP Simulations and other applications - 23 April 2012


GPGPU Cosmological N-Body PP Simulations and other applications


David Oliveira 




A traditional Particle-Particle (PP) algorithm, in the style of the well-known Hydra cosmological simulation code, was implemented in the new emerging technique of GPGPU (General-Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units). This resulted in a complete PP direct-summation code with all steps and the full simulation iterative loop running on the graphics hardware in its entirety - fully-leveraging the performance potential of the GPGPU framework. This endeavor required the reengineering and recasting of the known algorithm in a parallel, vectorial form in order to fully exploit the GPU hardware. We show that by using a GPGPU approach, we transform the algorithm runtime scaling from O(N²) to O(~N), enabling us to perform PP simulations of scales not practical before. An application of GPGPU in CMB mapmaking will also be shown. The second part of the talk will cover the current work of the Portuguese team on the Euclid Sky Survey Working Group. Finally, if time permits, we will go through some image processing and signal denoising techniques.


23 April 2012 | 15:30

OAL, Seminar Room