IA/U.Lisboa Seminar - Cosmology with MeerKAT - 11 janeiro 2018



Cosmology with MeerKAT

Mario Santos

SKA South Africa e University of the Western Cape


I will describe what can be achieved for Cosmology with the proposed large area survey using the MeerKAT radio telescope. This survey will provide measurements of the Baryon Acoustic oscillations and redshift space distortions, constraining dark energy and primordial non-Gaussianity (along many other science cases, such as galaxy evolution in continuum/HI, cluster science, etc). It will also be the precursor survey for the large Cosmology survey we plan to do with the SKA.
11 de janeiro de 2018 | 15:00




Observatório Astronómico de Lisboa (Seminar room)
Tapada da Ajuda, 1349-018 Lisboa
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