CENTRA Seminar - Observing the Early Universe - 22 março 2017



Observing the Early Universe

Paolo de Bernardis

University of Roma "La Sapienza"


Abstract / Resumo 

Observations of the early phases of the evolution of our Universe have recently gained hig precision and accuracy. The surveys of the Cosmic Microwave Background observed the recombination epoch (13.7 billion years ago, 380000 years after the big bang) which is the deepest possible source observable using electromagnetic waves. The feeble structures visible in the maps of the CMB are the result of a sequence of physical processes happening during the "primeval fireball" phase of the evolution of the universe, and can be used to constrain the geometry, composition and evolution of the universe. After a review of the relevant physics, we focus on the observations, describing the instrumentation custom developed to this purpose, including mm-wave detecotors, space-borne telescopes, and sophisticated analysis techniques. We finally describe the impact of these and of future CMB measurements for our knowledge of cosmology and fundamental physics.
22 de março de 2017 | 16:00



Anfiteatro Abreu Faro, Complexo Interdisciplinar do IST, Campus da Alameda

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