Gr@v Seminar - Explosion and final state of the charged black hole bomb - 6 abril 2016



Explosion and final state of the charged black hole bomb

Nicolas Sanchis-Gual

Valencia U.


Abstract / Resumo

I will present our results of a series of numerical relativity simulations of dynamical nonrotating black holes surrounded by self-gravitating scalar fields. In the non-charged case, even in the non-linear regime, quasistationary configurations of scalar fields are formed around black holes. Such configurations have been found to survive for cosmological time scales, which is a requirement for viable dark matter halo models in galaxies based on such types of structures. On the other hand, a Reissner-Nordström black hole (BH) is superradiantly unstable against spherical perturbations of a charged scalar field, enclosed in a cavity, with frequency lower than a critical value. We use the numerical relativity techniques to follow the development of this unstable system – dubbed charged BH bomb – into the non-linear regime, solving the full Einstein–Maxwell–Klein-Gordon equations, in spherical symmetry.


6 de abril de 2016 | 14:30


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GAP room
Physics Department Aveiro University
Campus de Santiago
3810-183 Aveiro, Portugal